Report: The Market for Sensors in the Internet-of-Things Market: 2013-2020

| March 3, 2013

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is essentially all about sensors without which it cannot achieve its promised functionality. For this reason, NanoMarkets believes that IoT’s arrival will mean a surge in demand for sensors of many kinds. Indeed, IoT could mean a remaking of the sensor industry, generating hundreds of new opportunities for Internet-connected sensors. While the sensor sector has seen some fascinating new technologies emerge in the past decade, this is the first time we are seeing a mass market emerge for novel sensor types.

With all this in mind, NanoMarkets is publishing this report to identify and quantify where the markets for IoT sensors will be found over the next eight years. Coverage is of six types of sensor: light, heat, touch/pressure, motion, acoustic and gas/chemical. And the report focuses on six applications areas that NanoMarkets believes are key to the rapid growth in revenues that are expected in the IoT sensor business. These applications are: home automation, commercial building automation, media and gaming, healthcare, the Industrial Internet, and transportation.

This report contains granular eight-year forecasts of all of these applications with breakouts of the kinds of sensors and hubs used in each and in both volume and value terms. There is also a revenue forecast by geography.

In addition, the reader of this report will learn:

(1) how the IoT will restructure the sensor industry

(2) where the new opportunities will emerge as legacy sensor systems are connected to the Internet and new protocols and requirements for connectivity and security appear. Where appropriate, this report discusses the strategies and products of firms that are already hooked into the opportunities that IoT sensors present.

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary

Chapter One

Chapter Two: How the Internet-of-Things Will Reshape the Sensor Industry

2.1 Standard, Gateways and Sensors

2.2 In Search of a Killer App for Sensors in the Internet of Things

2.3 Early Successes with IoT Sensors

2.4 Sensors, Security and Market Opportunities

2.5 Key Points in this Chapter

Chapter Three: Eight-Year Market Forecasts for the Internet of Things

3.1 Forecasting Methodology

3.2 Internet-of-Things in Home Automation

3.3 Internet of Things in Commercial Buildings

3.4 Internet-of-Things for Media and Gaming

3.5 Internet-of-Things in Healthcare

3.6 Internet-of-Things in the Industrial Internet

3.7 Internet of Things in Transportation/Logistics

3.8 Key Points in this Chapter

Chapter Four: Summary of Forecasts of Sensors for the Internet-of-Things

4.1 Eight-Year Forecast of Revenues from IoT Sensors and Hubs by Application

4.2 Eight-Year Forecast of Revenues from IoT Sensors and Hubs by Technology

4.3 Eight-Year Forecast of Revenues from IoT sensors and Hubs by Geographical Region

4.4 Key Points in this Chapter


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